Workers' Comp

Enlyte Attends NWC 2023 in Las Vegas

October 2, 2023

Enlyte experts shared their knowledge with attendees at four sessions at National Comp in Las Vegas, Sept. 19–22. Here are some highlights from each presentation.

Best Strategies to Tackle the Ever-Changing Claims Management Workforce Challenge

Featuring: Rebecca Morgan & Steve Laudermilch

Industry experts explained how they are responding to workforce challenges including attracting and retaining insurance talent, training new adjusters with no previous background in workers' comp, using technology to retain expertise often lost when veteran employees leave and connecting employees in a more remotely distributed environment.

NWC 2023

350,000 Choices and Counting: How to Navigate Digital Health Solutions for Clinical Care

Featuring: Michael McKinley & Nikki Wilson

Leaders in claims and pharmaceutical management helped workers’ compensation professionals learn what to look for when integrating digital health apps into their protocol to help better track claims, ensure medication safety, improve treatment compliance, and keep various parties in the claim current on the injured employee’s recovery status.

A few takeaways included:

  • Incorporating digital therapeutics, including how health apps offer patient-facing delivery of medical interventions and therapies to treat, manage, or prevent a disease or disorder as an extension of provider-patient care.
  • Understanding health app credibility, usability, place in therapy, outcome measurements, and impacts on claim management for successful integration.
  • Utilizing DTx as another tool in the clinical interventions toolkit for enhancing workers’ comp claim outcomes.
  • Remembering app should support the treatment—not BE the treatment.

NWC 2023

Not Everything that Quacks Is a Duck: PTSD and Its Doppelgängers

Featuring: Nikki Wilson

Panelists discussed psychotherapeutic treatment for PTSD, including medications approved for the disorder and how these drugs interact with other psychoactive pharmaceuticals. The group also addressed off-label drugs that may actually worsen PTSD symptoms. Because PTSD diagnosis requires a 30-day incubation period, the panel offered proactive interventions intended to “normalize” and integrate the trauma experience to build resilience in those affected.

Firing Up Worker Recovery!

Featuring: Brian Allen

This panel presented several perspectives on the critical importance that mindset plays in the recovery of injured employees. The session was moderated by Enlyte’s Brian Allen, a nationally recognized expert in workers' compensation policy, who survived cancer and two recent major surgeries where positive mindset made all the difference in his recovery. Attendees learned  how mindset can be influenced and reinforced with a structured effort to help injured employees intentionally focus on their recovery and believe in their ability to get well.