Estimate Review Scheduling & Annotation

Mitchell WorkCenter

Now you can automate your entire estimate review assignment process and verify the efficiency of your desk reviewers—all from within Mitchell WorkCenter. The solution’s intuitive dashboard provides insight into the data that matters most to you, including workload by reviewer, review task progress, appraisal amount and more. And if an estimate requires manual review, you can easily identify and share opportunities to improve its accuracy with partners—including staff, independent appraisers and collision repair facilities—regardless of the estimating platform they use.

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Review Scheduling

As a feature of Mitchell WorkCenter, Review Scheduling simplifies assignment processes by ensuring estimates are placed with the most appropriate reviewers. This can help you balance workloads across all of your desk reviewers. It also allows you to assign shop-written or vehicle-specific estimates automatically to your choice of desk reviewer.


Mitchell WorkCenter also allows you to easily audit manually reviewed estimates and highlight to partners exactly which sections of the appraisal—such as labor hours or parts selection—should be to reconsidered.

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